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$2395.00 DGS Price

Our ACFT Kit includes everything you need to complete one full lane. All items except the Kettlebell are MADE IN THE USA. 

$1495.00 DGS Price

USA Made. Solid Rubber Bumper Plate Set for ACFT. 4x10 LB; 2 x 15 LB; 2 x 25 LB: 2 x 35 LB: 8 x 45 LB.  Total 550 Lb .Standard Diameter 450MM. 2" Stainless  Steel Insert. Compatible with our Hexagon bar.

Cardio & Aerobic Fitness

Nylon Pullsled with Upper Body Strap

$149.95 DGS Price

Nylon Pull Sled with Drag Strap - Used in Army Combat Fitness Test

Weight Equipment

40lb Cast Iron Kettlebell

$59.95 DGS Price

Seamless, even finish on a traditional black cast iron bell and handle. Powder coated with a one-piece design and a flat base.

Weight Equipment

10lb Rubber Medicine Ball

$79.95 DGS Price

Durable, inflatable, hard rubber medicine ball designed to withstand normal impact and retain its shape. Has a textured grip surface for easy handling. Non-malleable and weather proof 10lb ball.

Army Combat Fitness Test

Portable Squat Stand (ACFT Item)

$549.95 DGS Price

Portable Squat Stand with Pull-up Bar. 3" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel . 48" w x 48" L x 86" H. Includes 1.5" OD Pull-Up bar and 2 adjustable cups. . Weighs 160 lbs and has 1000 lb capacity. Meets Specifications for Army Combat Fitness Test

Weight Equipment

Hexagon Bar/Trap Bar

$425.00 DGS Price

Olympic size Hexagon Bar - no D Handles.

$19.95 DGS Price

165ft open reel, vinyl measuring tape

$39.95 DGS Price

2" Olympic Spring Barbell Collars. Sold in pairs.