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$2395.00 DGS Price

Our ACFT Kit includes everything you need to complete one full lane. All items except the Kettlebell are MADE IN THE USA. 

$740.00 DGS Price

USA Made. Solid Rubber Bumper Plate Set for ACFT. 4x10 LB; 2 x 15 LB; 2 x 25 LB: 2 x 35 LB: 8 x 45 LB.  Total 550 Lb .Standard Diameter 450MM. 2" Stainless  Steel Insert. Compatible with our Hexagon bar.

$140.00 DGS Price

Thick, heavy duty nylon sled can handle up to 600lbs in steel plates. Includes a 92" pull strap with handles on both ends. Safe for use on grass, Astroturf, carpet, or in any gym or training space with rubber or tile flooring.

Weight Equipment

40lb Kettlebell, 22810

$54.95 DGS Price

Seamless, even finish on a traditional black cast iron bell and handle. Powder coated with a one-piece design and a flat base.

$74.95 DGS Price

Durable, inflatable, hard rubber medicine ball designed to withstand normal impact and retain its shape. Has a textured grip surface for easy handling. Non-malleable and weather proof 10lb ball.

Army Combat Fitness Test

Portable Squat Stand (ACFT Item), TF-SS

$495.00 DGS Price

Portable Squat Stand with Pull-up Bar. 3" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel . 48" w x 48" L x 86" H. Includes 1.5" OD Pull-Up bar and 2 adjustable cups. . Weighs 160 lbs and has 1000 lb capacity. Meets Specifications for Army Combat Fitness Test

Weight Equipment

Hexagon Bar/Trap Bar, 51898

$395.00 DGS Price

Olympic size Hexagon Bar - no D Handles.

$16.95 DGS Price

165ft open reel, vinyl measuring tape

$27.95 DGS Price

2" Olympic Spring Barbell Collars. Sold in pairs.