From the very beginning, DGS Sports has supported U.S. Military and Government agencies with athletic clothing and equipment. And though we’ve grown to now supply a wide range of sports & fitness customers and youth sports, we continue to excel and understand the unique needs of Okinawa Contract customers, DODDS schools, Job Corp customers and GSA Contract customers.

Sports & Fitness

DGS Sports provides an array of equipment for your facilities, fitness centers and all ball fields as well as any and all uniform needs.

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Youth Sports

DGS Sports provides athletic equipment and uniforms for all your youth sports programs.


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DODDS Schools

DGS Sports is is a team sports supplier providing custom uniforms and athletic equipment for all your sports programs.

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Okinawa Contract

We have a contract (BUM15D0004) with the Marine Corps Community Services with over 200 products on it to meet all of your athletic needs. You must create an account to see Okinawa Contract pricing.

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Job Corps

DGS Sports is your athletic supplier for all gymnasium, ball field and uniform needs.

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GSA Contract

Our GSA Contract is #GS07F0453K.  DGS Sports supplies athletic equipment and clothing per our GSA Contract.  You must create an account to see GSA pricing.

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Featured Products

$370.00 DGS Price

Official 15" x 30" x 3" size, Entire pad dislodges and is not obstructed like other systems that have a fixed first base positioned next to a dislodging base, A low-profile plate remains underneath so the play may continue, Complies with Little League Rule 7.15

$2295.00 DGS Price

Bison Backboard/Pole System with  4 1/2" BA777 Pole, BA407U 42" x 54" Rectangular Unbreakable Polycarbonate  Board and BA32 Flex Goal. Wt 300#

$875.00 DGS Price

Permanent Model 21' Aluminum Bleacher With Back

$250.00 DGS Price

15' Portable Aluminum Player Bench Without Backrest

$51.95 DGS Price

TDY GST Youth (12-14 Y.O.) Special Stamp, Approved for All Major Youth Leagues

$23.27 DGS Price

Official League baseball. C-2 poly bond cork & rubber core. Vinylon finish wind. Synthetic cover. High School practice/Youth practice. Sold by the dozen.

$124.95 DGS Price

bison Front Mount Fixed Super Basketball Goal,

$43.95 DGS Price

K2 Pee Wee (6-9 Y.O.) Special Stamp, Approved for All Major Youth Leagues

$1095.00 DGS Price

Bison Aluminum Outdoor  Recreational Volleyball System

Cardio & Aerobic Fitness

Weighted 1lb. Jump Rope, HR1

$16.00 DGS Price

Made of Solid Rubber for Exceptional Durability on Any Surface, Foam Covered Swivel Ball-Bearing Handles Offer a Comfortable Grip, Great for cardio-Respiratory Endurance Training and Lower Body Workouts, 9' Long, 1lb., Green.

$11.95 DGS Price

Double-Sided, 10" x 16"

$16.07 DGS Price

Traditional style, low-rise pant finished with tapered leg pattern and open bottom leg. Tek-Knit 100% polyester, highly abrasion resistant, 14 oz. four-way stretch pro-weight fabric. Pro-style tunnel belt loops & two inset back pockets.