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$70.35 DGS Price

Official size and powder coated finish.

$149.10 DGS Price

Double 5/8″ steel ring, Twelve no-tie netlocks to accept nylon net, 3/16″ thick universal backplate, Includes mounting hardware and nylon net

$172.00 DGS Price

3/16″ x 1″ no-fail netlock, 3/16″ thick “box” backplate and rim supports

$204.75 DGS Price

Meets National High School Federation standards, Includes competition net and mounting hardware, 90-day limited warranty, Weight: 22lbs

$370.65 DGS Price

Bison Flex-Court Rear Mount Flex Basketball Goal--Indoor or Outdoor

$505.05 DGS Price

35-1/2″ x 54″ Playground Backboard

$610.05 DGS Price

Bison 39″ x 54″ Ruff Play Rear Mount Steel Playground Backboard w/ extra heavy support structure

$839.00 DGS Price

Bison 39″ x 54″ Dura Steel Fan-Shaped Playground Backboard--White powder coated finish & Heavy-duty mounting support structure