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$395.00 DGS Price

15' Permanent Model Aluminum Player Bench without Backrest.

$495.00 DGS Price

15' (Weight 86 lbs)

$250.00 DGS Price

15' Portable Aluminum Player Bench Without Backrest

$173.59 DGS Price

Rust-resistant, nickeled 15" x 3" Molded Pro Style Base. Tough pebble embossed, UV resistant rubber top prevents metal spikes from slipping or puncturing. Heavy-duty P.U. foam pad. Reinforced side walls. 3 ground anchors & 3 base plugs included.

Fencing & Fence Caps

18″ Fence Crown Tie Wraps, 1649

$29.95 DGS Price

18" Fence Crown Tie Wraps

$275.00 DGS Price

Aluminum Player bench. Fixed Model 21' without Backrest

$875.00 DGS Price

Permanent Model 21' Aluminum Bleacher With Back

$545.00 DGS Price

Portable Aluminum Player Bench. 21' without Backrest.

$925.00 DGS Price

21'  Aluminum Portable Player Bench with Backrest.

$74.95 DGS Price

36" Width Rake

Bases Plates & Plugs

4-Way Adult Pitchers Rubber, BH81

$80.00 DGS Price

4 Way pitcher's rubber plate for increased stability, Heavy-duty rubber designed for use in outdoor weather conditions, Rubber plate rotates to use all 4 sides fro extended life, Inner support tubing offers added strength and durability to last longer, Official Size, White

$6.95 DGS Price

50'/15 Meter