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$105.00 DGS Price

Designed to fit the younger players hand and the pocket and web will easily accept and hold an official size baseball. The 10 inch Jr gloves has all the features of a larger glove. Because of the special antique tobacco planning process, the Joe Jr is easily broke in and can be closed by the young players when catching a ball. Little to no break in time.

$395.00 DGS Price

15' Permanent Model Aluminum Player Bench without Backrest.

$495.00 DGS Price

15' (Weight 86 lbs)

$250.00 DGS Price

15' Portable Aluminum Player Bench Without Backrest

Fencing & Fence Caps

18″ Fence Crown Tie Wraps, 1649

$29.95 DGS Price

18" Fence Crown Tie Wraps

$275.00 DGS Price

Aluminum Player bench. Fixed Model 21' without Backrest

$545.00 DGS Price

Portable Aluminum Player Bench. 21' without Backrest.

$925.00 DGS Price

21'  Aluminum Portable Player Bench with Backrest.

$190.00 DGS Price

The 30 inch catchers glove is designed to better accommodate the young athlete’s hand, thus allowing the catcher to receive and hold the ball in the gloves web. Like all Shoeless Joe gloves, the 30" catchers glove is easily broke in to be made ready to take to the field. Contains XRD® foam for Extreme Impact Protection

$74.95 DGS Price

36" Width Rake

$6.95 DGS Price

50'/15 Meter

$245.00 DGS Price

7'6" (Weight 46 lbs)