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$17.00 DGS Price

Non-Rust Stainless Steel Carabineer. 3/16" x 2". 100 Lbs. Capacity.

$65.00 DGS Price

High Grade Leather. Double-Ended Ball Design for Focused Strikes. Round, Concise Shape to Develop Accuracy. Includes Two Rubber Bungee Cords and Two Ceiling/Floor Plate Attachments. 9" Diameter.

$275.00 DGS Price

Everlast Angle Heavy Bag. Designed with Multiple Curves for Hooks and Uppercuts. Complete with Chain and Swivel. 60 Lbs.

$35.00 DGS Price

Full padding on the front and back of the wrist promotes proper technique, ThumbLok feature keeps thumb and fist positioned correctly to prevent injury, Color: red

$30.00 DGS Price

High-quality synthetic leather that is durable and easy to clean, Welted seams and reinforced lacing, Shaped and balanced for accurate rebounds after every strike

$180.00 DGS Price

100 lb bag, 14" x 42", Professionally filled and stuffed, Heavy duty chain and swivel, Tie down d-ring on bottom

$19.00 DGS Price

Smooth ball bearing swivel design increases bag speed and accuracy when training, Machine crafted stainless steel ensures product longevity and durability, Comes complete with screws for mounting

$500.00 DGS Price

150 lb bag, 18" x 48", Heavy duty chain and swivel, Tie down d-ring on bottom

$14.95 DGS Price

Designed to Combat Injuries That May Occur During Sports and Recreational Events. First Aid Kit Offers Everything from Bandages and Gauze for Scrapes to Treatments for Smaller Injuries Like Splinters and Insect Stings. The Supplies Come Packed in a Durable, Weather-Resistant Case that Helps them Stay Clean, Dry and Ready to Use During Events.

$15.00 DGS Price

Super strength ¾”-wide, 32” length, rubber bungee cable with attached heavy-duty steel S-hooks on each end for hanging double end bags for home or gym use. Keep a spare on hand for emergency use.

$4.00 DGS Price

Perfect for Replacing Hooks on Double End Bags and Heavy Bags. Super Strong, All-Steel.

$30.00 DGS Price

Solid steel construction with zinc galvanization, Super strength swivel for tangle-free use, For use with bags up to 70lbs.