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$38.00 DGS Price

Made from hard plastic, our quality Collar clamps on to all 2” bars with ease to hold plates on bars.

$429.95 DGS Price

Adjustable Incline Weight Bench

$30.00 DGS Price

One size fits all.

$15.00 DGS Price

For use with weight stack cable equipment, for lat pulldowns.

$180.00 DGS Price

100 lb bag, 14" x 42", Professionally filled and stuffed, Heavy duty chain and swivel, Tie down d-ring on bottom

$19.00 DGS Price

Smooth ball bearing swivel design increases bag speed and accuracy when training, Machine crafted stainless steel ensures product longevity and durability, Comes complete with screws for mounting

$500.00 DGS Price

150 lb bag, 18" x 48", Heavy duty chain and swivel, Tie down d-ring on bottom

$357.00 DGS Price

Olympic Hex Bar . 85" Long with 16" Loadable Sleeve length to hold Four 45 Lb Plates on Each end. Weighs 40 Lbs. Knurled Handle diameter= 1.405" and Sleeve diameter= 1.901". Handle Space 25" on Center. Made in USA.

$2550.00 DGS Price

High/Low Pulley Weight Machine

$599.95 DGS Price

Olympic Weight Bench 3" Frame.

Weight Equipment

Olympic Weight Bench, 116

$269.95 DGS Price

Olympic Weight Bench. 11 Gauge 2" One Piece Welded Construction. 48" Wide with Extra Tall Cups.Safety Pegs to Prevent injuries.

Army Combat Fitness Test

Portable Squat Stand (ACFT Item)

$549.95 DGS Price

Portable Squat Stand with Pull-up Bar. 3" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel . 48" w x 48" L x 86" H. Includes 1.5" OD Pull-Up bar and 2 adjustable cups. . Weighs 160 lbs and has 1000 lb capacity. Meets Specifications for Army Combat Fitness Test