Flag Football

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Flag Football
$1.95 DGS Price

Use as a field or goal marker, Weighted base, Hi visibility, Fluorescent plastic, 9"H, Set of 4

$125.00 DGS Price

12" Numbers flip and stay clearly visible from the opposite end of the field, Pole is padded for safety, Down box only, Height: 6'10"

$11.95 DGS Price

Double-Sided, 10" x 16"

$8.00 DGS Price

Steel pump, 10", Red

$39.95 DGS Price

42" L x 24" W, Heavy duty canvas construction, Handle and shoulder strap, Steel ring and clip closure  

$7.50 DGS Price

Use as a Field or Goal Marker, Flexible, Stands 2" off the Ground, 9" Diameter, Orange, Pack of 12

$29.95 DGS Price

Reinforced nylon duffel bag holds 16 balls. Adjustable shoulder strap. Size: 38″ x 15″ x 15″

Accessories & Equipment

Official’s Flags, COA1637

$7.95 DGS Price

Available in Yellow, Oxford Nylon Material

$14.95 DGS Price

Designed to Combat Injuries That May Occur During Sports and Recreational Events. First Aid Kit Offers Everything from Bandages and Gauze for Scrapes to Treatments for Smaller Injuries Like Splinters and Insect Stings. The Supplies Come Packed in a Durable, Weather-Resistant Case that Helps them Stay Clean, Dry and Ready to Use During Events.

$3.50 DGS Price

2" Rubber kick-off tee, Heavy-duty construction, Ridges on top hold the ball securely in place, Orange

$35.95 DGS Price

Set of 4 line and end zone markers, Durable vinyl-nylon construction with poly foam core, Weighted bottom keeps each pylon upright and in place, 4" x 4" x 18", Fluorescent Orange

$214.95 DGS Price

Durable vinyl-covered markers, Soft foam core to help prevent injuries, 14" x 14" with 8"H numbers, Weighted bottom helps to keep markers in upright position on windy days, Orange with Black Numbers