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Bison 25 Ball Security Locker, BA175

$495.95 DGS Price

Bison 25 Ball Security Locker.  Powder Coated  with Hinged Lockable top. 24"W x 36"L x 35"H. Heavy Duty Casters. Holds 25-30 Basketballs..

$325.00 DGS Price

Heavy ribbing for maximum rigidity, 5″ x 5″ goal mounting hole pattern, Requires direct mount pole system, “As Cast” finish will vary, Weight: 55#

$416.00 DGS Price

White powder coated finish, 5″ x 5″ goal mounting hole pattern, 35-½” x 54″, Heavy support ribs, Requires direct mount pole system, Lifetime limited warranty, Weight: 55lbs

$622.00 DGS Price

39″ x 54″ official size steel backboard, 5″ x 5″ hole pattern, White powder coated finish, Heavy-duty mounting support structure, Standard 20″ x 35″ fan-type backboard mounting holes, Heaviest backboard of its type, Official orange border and shooter’s square, Ten-year limited warranty.

$503.00 DGS Price

Extra heavy support structure, White powder coated finish, Official 35″ x 54″ size, Not compatible with any Bison outdoor pole systems, Five-year limited warranty

$1532.00 DGS Price

Heavy-Duty 4½” O.D. pole, 48″ safe play area, Heavy-duty 1-5/8″ backboard support braces, 48″ ground bury

$765.00 DGS Price

Meets or exceeds all NCAA and National High School Federation rules, Predrilled for original DuraSkin backboard padding, 42″ x 72″ x ½” tempered glass with fire impregnated, bright white border and shooters square, Polished aluminum framework, 36″ x 62″ structure, 5″ x 4″ rim mounting pattern,10-year limited warranty.

$875.00 DGS Price

Industry standard 35-½” x 62″ structure mounting design, 5″ x 4″ goal hole pattern, Unconditional lifetime warranty, Weight: 200 lbs.

$765.00 DGS Price

48″ x 72″ board, Meets all appropriate rules for competition play, Board features 42″ x 62″ structure mounting pattern and 5″ x 5″ goal mounting pattern, Will replace virtually any manufacturer’s original tall glass backboard, 10-year limited warranty

$608.00 DGS Price

Can be set at 6-½’, 7′, 7-½’, 8′, 8-½’ or 9′ goal height for kids as young as four years old, Two minute height adjustment without tools, Total system weight is less than 40lbs, 48″ x 32″ backboard is molded of high impact ABS plastic, Ships completely assembled

$3150.00 DGS Price

Bison 8' Sport Pride Convertible Scorers Table with  36" x 96"  Full Color Graphics. Table Seats 4 with  Dimensions 34"W x 34"H x 96"L. Power Requirement 120 Volt AC 20 Amp .Table Depth is 16" .Stored dimensions 20" w x 34" h x 102"l. Unit Weight 300 lbs .Possession Arrow Included

$10199.00 DGS Price

Bison Arena II Free Standing Volleyball System