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$199.95 DGS Price

Tall Weight Plate Rack. All Steel One Piece Welded Construction and Designed for 2" Port Plates

$249.95 DGS Price

Dumbbell Incline Bench. 2" Square Steel, One Piece Welded Bench With a Fixed 45Degree Incline. Ideal for Dumbbell and Free-Bar Work.for the Upper Body.

Weight Equipment

Olympic Weight Bench, 116

$269.95 DGS Price

Olympic Weight Bench. 11 Gauge 2" One Piece Welded Construction. 48" Wide with Extra Tall Cups.Safety Pegs to Prevent injuries.

$395.00 DGS Price

Incline Bench  Press With 2" Steel Frame- 11 Gauge. 48" Span With Pad Set at 45 Degree Angle. Ideal for Developing Deltoids and Upper Pectorals.

Fitness Equipment

Pro Gym Preacher Curl, 120

$395.00 DGS Price

Preacher Curl With Super Wide Pad for Safety and Comfort. Rugged 2" Square Steel 11 Gauge. Curl Bar Supports are Extra Wide to Allow Bar to be Loaded Without Tipping.

$419.95 DGS Price

Adjustable Incline Weight Bench

Fitness Equipment

Pro Gym Squat Rack,SR-54

$495.00 DGS Price

Standard Stairstep Squat Rack. Five Racking Pegs to Accommodate Various Size Lifters. Allows Quarter , Half and Full Squats.

$599.95 DGS Price

Olympic Weight Bench 3" Frame.

$695.00 DGS Price

Heavy Incline Press Bench. 3″ Square 11 Gauge Steel Frame with Pad Set at 45Degree Angle for Optimum Workout. Ideal for Dumbbell and Free-Bar Work for Upper Body.

$895.00 DGS Price

6' x 8' Platform. 1 1/8" Plywood with 3/4" Rubber Mat . Encased with 2"x2"  Steel Frame. Highly Recommended for Squatting, Deadlifting and for Snatch and Clean Type Movements.

Fitness Equipment

Pro Gym Power Rack, PR-96

$895.00 DGS Price

11 Gauge 3" Frame Power Rack Equipped With Two Adjustable Safety Pegs and Adjustable Cups. Works With Flat or Incline Bench. Has Chin Bar Across Top Front. Dimensions: 96"H x 48"W x 48" D. 36" Span Between Uprights.

Weight Equipment

Pro Power Half Rack, PRO-HR

$899.95 DGS Price

Pro Power Half Rack