Excercise Fitness & Weight Training Equipment

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$429.95 DGS Price

Adjustable Incline Weight Bench

$2550.00 DGS Price

High/Low Pulley Weight Machine

$599.95 DGS Price

Olympic Weight Bench 3" Frame.

Weight Equipment

Olympic Weight Bench, 116

$269.95 DGS Price

Olympic Weight Bench. 11 Gauge 2" One Piece Welded Construction. 48" Wide with Extra Tall Cups.Safety Pegs to Prevent injuries.

Army Combat Fitness Test

Portable Squat Stand (ACFT Item)

$549.95 DGS Price

Portable Squat Stand with Pull-up Bar. 3" x 3" 11 Gauge Steel . 48" w x 48" L x 86" H. Includes 1.5" OD Pull-Up bar and 2 adjustable cups. . Weighs 160 lbs and has 1000 lb capacity. Meets Specifications for Army Combat Fitness Test

$1495.00 DGS Price

Pro Gym Bench Press Machine with Resistance to 300 Lbs. Includes Bench with 1" Foam Padding . Frame and Vinyl- Standard Color is Black.

$1895.00 DGS Price

Two Selectorized Crossover Stacks That Have a Top and Bottom Pulley. Each Stack Contains 150 Lbs in 10 Lb Increments That Allow for Chest,Arm and Shoulder Development.

$249.95 DGS Price

Dumbbell Incline Bench. 2" Square Steel, One Piece Welded Bench With a Fixed 45Degree Incline. Ideal for Dumbbell and Free-Bar Work.for the Upper Body.

$1495.00 DGS Price

Pro Gym Leg Extension Machine with 200 Lb Weight Stack. Seat is Set at 20 Degree Angle to Provide Perfect Alignment and the Seat Back Adjusts for Proper Knee Alignment.

$395.00 DGS Price

Incline Bench  Press With 2" Steel Frame- 11 Gauge. 48" Span With Pad Set at 45 Degree Angle. Ideal for Developing Deltoids and Upper Pectorals.

$695.00 DGS Price

Heavy Incline Press Bench. 3″ Square 11 Gauge Steel Frame with Pad Set at 45Degree Angle for Optimum Workout. Ideal for Dumbbell and Free-Bar Work for Upper Body.

Fitness Equipment

Pro Gym Pec Machine, 311

$1495.00 DGS Price

Pro Gym Pec Machine Made to Develop Shoulder,Chest and Pectoral Muscles. Bilateral and Unilateral Use. Pulley design with Even Resistance up to 225 Lbs.