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$745.00 DGS Price

Portable, Non-slip 5mm foam backing, Available with permanent or throw-down home plates

$99.00 DGS Price

2" Poly Foam Softball or Baseball Wall Padding

$115.00 DGS Price

3" Poly Foam OutdoorSoftball or Baseball Wall Padding--18oz

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$0.00 DGS Price

8000 Series Multi-Sport Console (Hard-Wired & Wireless Options) and Optional Carry Case

$3395.00 DGS Price

Adult Portable Game Pitching Mound. 8'W X 12'L X 10"H. Indoor/Outdoor Use.

$39.95 DGS Price

Ameri-Stripe Aerosol Paint Marking Stick--Use w/ Ameri-Stripe Aerosol Paint

$125.00 DGS Price

5mm foam backing

$189.00 DGS Price

5mm foam backing, 6' diameter

$46.75 DGS Price

Baseball Field Rail Pads w/ Grommets - Horizontal

$295.00 DGS Price

Baseball On Deck/Fungo Mat with 5mm Foam Cushion--Set of 2


Baseball Round Rail Pads

$62.00 DGS Price

18oz Softball or Baseball Rail Pads with Grommets **PER SUPPLIER CURRENT TURN AROUND TIME 8-12 WEEKS**

$9078.00 DGS Price

Baseball/Softball Scoreboard (8'5" x 18'0") with 8000 series console included