P.E. and Games

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P.E. and Games
$15.00 DGS Price

48" hardwood one-piece cue

$10.00 DGS Price

57" Solid Wood Cue Stick

$1.95 DGS Price

Use as a field or goal marker, Weighted base, Hi visibility, Fluorescent plastic, 9"H, Set of 4

$10.00 DGS Price

9" Table Brush

$12.00 DGS Price

Easy to read 20 PSI dial, Pressure release button to adjust each ball to its proper pressure, Black

$6.67 DGS Price

Billiard #1 Ball

$20.00 DGS Price

Billiard Ball Storage Tray.

$7.00 DGS Price

Conveniently mount a cone chalk with this rectangular shaped, affordably priced wood holder. You'll find that you'll get better use of your cone chalk, and better shooting results, when it is easily accessible on the wall of your pool room. This is a very affordably priced holder.

$5.00 DGS Price

Billiard Cue Chalk Holder.

$5.00 DGS Price

Box of 6 silver cup cone chalk hand chalk

$18.00 DGS Price

Protect your table against dust, fading and spills, Heavy Gauge, wrinkle resistant vinyl, Fits tables up to 8' in length  

$15.00 DGS Price

Billiard Table Spots. 100 Per Roll.