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$199.95 DGS Price

42' Tournament Net, Heavy Duty 3.0 mm Double Braided Polyethylene Netting

$249.95 DGS Price

42' Tournament net, Heavy Duty 3.6 mm Double Braided Polyethylene Netting

$39.95 DGS Price

Holds 18 Balls

$159.95 DGS Price

42' Tournament Tennis Net, Heavy duty 3.6 mm double braided polyethylene netting, first five rows double netting, 2.5" Double reinforced headband, 8 rows of heavy nylon stitching, 6 mm Vinyl coated steel cable, Center strap included

$14.95 DGS Price

Designed to Combat Injuries That May Occur During Sports and Recreational Events. First Aid Kit Offers Everything from Bandages and Gauze for Scrapes to Treatments for Smaller Injuries Like Splinters and Insect Stings. The Supplies Come Packed in a Durable, Weather-Resistant Case that Helps them Stay Clean, Dry and Ready to Use During Events.

Field Maintenance & Marking

Seamless Replacement Roller,

$60.00 DGS Price

Seamless sponge roller is made of soft absorbent polyurethane (PU) foam - 36" Wide, Designed to absorb and push water from your court surface, Anodized aluminum handle with stainless steel, black powder coated T-socket, Stainless steel powder coated frame includes all stainless steel hardware  

$9.95 DGS Price

2 1/8" Heavy Nylon Adjustable, Complete with Galvanized Hardware

$6.00 DGS Price

Nylon webbing, Adjustable heavy-duty snap and hook, Size: 3", White

$23.00 DGS Price

Aluminum frame, Nylon strings, Leather grip

$14.95 DGS Price

Aluminum frame, Nylon strings, Leather grip

$6.00 DGS Price

A Versatile Ball That Performs Well for Any Player at Any Time. An Exclusive Wool Felt Blend That Allows for Real Durability Enhancements. Can of 3.

$115.20 DGS Price

Wilson Extra-Duty Yellow Championship Tennis Balls. 6 Dozen/cs