Track/Cross Country

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Track/Cross Country
$74.95 DGS Price

36" Width Rake

$6.95 DGS Price

50'/15 Meter

$1.95 DGS Price

Use as a field or goal marker, Weighted base, Hi visibility, Fluorescent plastic, 9"H, Set of 4

Shots Discs & Batons

Aluminum Relay Baton, RB

$3.55 DGS Price

Aluminum Relay Batons

Facilities & Field Equipment

Economy 4-8w 400 Yard Range Megaphone, MP4W

$37.95 DGS Price

4 Watt, 400 Yard Range, Siren

$229.95 DGS Price

Electronic Starter Pistol Set. 3 Tones with Carry Case. Use 3 AA Batteries. Replaces Conventional Starter Pistol    

$18020.00 DGS Price

S1 Pole Vault Value Pack (20' x 20'2.5" x 28") meets NFHS specifications. Value Pack contains the following: 65417 S1 PV Pit, 6541702 S1 PV Weather Cover, 61517 Base Pads, and 7110 Scholastic PV Standards, and a 523 Essentials Crossbar. Accessories not shown in image. Top Pad ...

Measurement Tapes & Timing

Heat/Humidity Stopwatch, HW30

$44.99 DGS Price

Stopwatch With Temperature, Humidity and Heat Index Readings

$7.50 DGS Price

Use as a Field or Goal Marker, Flexible, Stands 2" off the Ground, 9" Diameter, Orange, Pack of 12

$13.95 DGS Price

Oversized Mesh Duffle Bag With Adjustable Shoulder Strap

$18.95 DGS Price

200 Feet, 60 Meter

$14.95 DGS Price

Designed to Combat Injuries That May Occur During Sports and Recreational Events. First Aid Kit Offers Everything from Bandages and Gauze for Scrapes to Treatments for Smaller Injuries Like Splinters and Insect Stings. The Supplies Come Packed in a Durable, Weather-Resistant Case that Helps them Stay Clean, Dry and Ready to Use During Events.