Segment Timer, SG-10



Coaches and trainers can program a large display LED segment timer from a free Smartphone app (available for both iPhone and Android). Users can program and store multiple practice sessions and then download directly to the timer. It can also be operated by the provided radio frequency remote, with range up to 65 feet.

The Ultrak SG-10 has four LED digits, viewable from up to 300 feet away. The left two digits, which are 7 ½ inches tall, display each segment. The right two digits, which are 12 ½ inches tall, display the length of time remaining in the current segment. For each practice session, users can program up to 99 segments in intervals between 1 second and 99, 59 seconds. Each segment can be programmed in minutes and seconds.

There is a buzzer that blares when each segment is completed, with adjustable volume up to 140 dB. The brightness of the LED display can also be adjusted for differing indoor and outdoor conditions. The Ultrak SG-10 can be operated in mist and light rain.

There are four additional modes, which include countdown timer, count-up timer, scoreboard and clock.

The Ultrak SG-10 is powered by a six-hour rechargeable battery or AC adaptor. With dimensions of 25 x 16 x 2 inches, the unit is freestanding on the ground or table with the provided feet or can be hung from a fence with the provided chain. It is protected by a three-year warranty.

WEIGHT25 lbs
DIMENSIONS30 × 18 × 4 in