Standard Basketball Scoreboard-3’0″ x 9’0″



Available in colors

Includes built-in protective shatterproof face/digit panel(s) and full face coverage – no additional protective screens, netting, or costs required. Larger outdoor scoreboards require digit coverage only. Our portable control consoles come equipped with a rechargeable 10hr battery. Perfect for those locations without an AC power source or for peace of mind if your location ever has a power failure. No need to lug around a cumbersome battery pack – our battery fits inside the scoreboard casing and can charge while in operation!

  • SportBasketball / Volleyball / Segment Timer
  • Overall Dimension3′ High x 9′ Wide x 5″ Deep
  • Information DisplayedGame Time, Home and Guest Score, Period, Time Outs Left, Fouls, Double Bonus, Possession
  • DigitsBright Red and Amber, 7-Segment LEDs
  • Game Time14″ High Red Digits, Shall register 0:00 – 99:59, 1/10 second capable. May display Time Of Day when not in use and during select sports.
  • Score12″ High Amber Digits, Shall register 0-199
  • Period10″ High Red Digit, Shall register 1-4
  • Time Outs Left10″ High Amber Digits, Shall register 1-4
  • PossessionIndicated by 2″ Red LED Indicators
  • Bonus / Double PointsIndicated by 2″ Amber LED Indicators
  • HornIncludes external 100 dB horn. 120dB Trumpet horn is available.
WEIGHT220 lbs
DIMENSIONS40 × 119 × 10 in