Our Vision & Mission Statement:

To honor God in all we do by providing superior service to our clients along with our intraoffice interactions within the DGS environment.
To be the full-service provider for all indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.  Providing specialized sporting equipment, customized chairs/seating, and branding solutions to the US Military, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities.
DGS Sports aims to compile the unique combination of 40+ years of experience in the sporting goods industry along with customized personal service to exceed market expectations and outfit athletic facilities of all our current and future clients

Core Values:

Who are you when no one else is around?

Would I be pleased to stamp my name on the work I am doing?

Do I hold myself accountable to my workmates and supervisor?

Customer Service:
Do I meet my customer’s expectations?  Would my customer do repeat business based on my performance?

Meet our team:

Terry Wedgewood
President & CEO

Terry is the founder and CEO of DGS Sports.

With over 40 years of experience in the sporting goods industry, Terry leads our team to better understand the sports industry where he was a two-star athlete during the late 1960s. After graduating from Purdue University, Terry was drafted as a professional baseball player by the Cleveland Indians and later became part of the Philadelphia Phillies organization. His passion for sports led him to become involved with former Cincinnati Bengals & Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, Sam Wyche, in the early ’80s. This experience launched Terry to start his own sporting goods company in Greenville, SC, Dillard Government Sales (DGS Sports).

The core values representing the DGS culture start with Terry’s desire to integrate his faith, love of family, and personal integrity into the fabric of DGS Sports. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and chasing around his 17 grandkids!!!

Stephen Wedgewood
Vice-President of Sales & Operations

As Vice President of Sales & Operations, Stephen provides a unique set of skills in leadership, dealmaking problem solving, and business strategy.

After a successful career path of his own, he has come alongside his father to assist in the direction, focus, and propelling of DGS Sports to new and exciting levels.

Stephen prides himself in focusing on stellar customer service, something he regularly gathers from his membership of his local C12 Group, a mentoring group of like-minded business people. Stephen knows that integrity is the key to any successful business. This focus combined with a passion for leadership and business development is driving the direction of DGS Sports into niche markets where DGS can specialize and perform at levels that become significant to our suppliers and partners.

Jenny Reyes
Creative services & Digital Marketing Manager

Jenny has been a part of the DGS team since 2010, and her roles have been vast over her years here. Jenny’s passion for creativity, graphic design, and problem-solving have led her to become the Creative Services &  Digital Marketing.  

Jenny has been able to combine her skills in problem-solving and implementation of new procedures with her passion for creativity and innovation. This has allowed her to focus on areas where she is more effective in utilizing all her skills and talents.

Jenny works to enhance and maintain DGS Sports’ digital footprint in both website e-commerce and enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) Jenny is passionate about making both our team members and customers relevant and “service-oriented” in today’s “right-now” marketplace.

Emily Wedgewood
Sideline Chair & Facilities Specialist

Emily came on board with DGS in July of 2018. Her primary role is in sales and support of the custom DGS Sports Sideline Chairs.  She brings a high level of customer and sales support along with a detail-oriented mindset.  These combined traits allow her to service our clients with the highest level of quality.

Emily is here to walk you through the entire process from inquiry to purchase of DGS Sports Custom Basketball Sideline Chairs. She is always ready, willing, and happy to answer your questions through email or a phone call.  Emily is here to serve our clients. She also specializes in providing sales and support for any and all facility-related pieces such as basketball sideline chairs, wall padding, scorers’ tables, bleachers, volleyball & basketball systems, and many more. DGS is the ONE STOP SHOP for all sports facilities products and Emily is here to prove that!

Fernando Reyes
Sales Coordinator

Fernando has been a part of the DGS team since 2014. Fernando has been involved in various responsibilities at DGS.  He has managed our basketball sideline chairs screen printing operations, warehouse, and shipping & receiving.

Fernando has now assumed the role of Sales Coordinator.  This position allows him to utilize his acquired experience here at DGS along with his many talents to support our logistical processing of sales and coordination with all our vendors. Fernando brings a tremendous amount of experience from working in all aspects of our company.  He is also a team-oriented player which enables him to support other team members with various projects and tasks using his skill set.