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Bison CarbonMax Composite Volleyball System, VB7000

  • Free lettering on padding
  • Lower post material: 3″ Aluminum
  • Upper post material: 3½” Carbon Fiber
  • Floor socket diameter 3″ (Free Socket Adapters)
  • Non-winch post weight: 32#
  • Winch post weight: 37#
  • Approx. post deflection: 0.98″
  • Post warranty: Lifetime Limited
  • Winch style: 26:1 Worm Gear
  • Winch warranty: Lifetime Limited
  • Net height indicator: Engraved
  • Net height adjustment method: Internal Lead Screw
  • Adjustable foot: Yes
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Bison Universal Kevlar Competition Volleyball Net, VB1250KU

  • Compatible with Bison, Sports Imports, Spalding and most other pole systems
  • Heavy white side, top and bottom tapes
  • 4″ square knotless mesh
  • Kevlar top rope
  • Polypropylene bottom rope
  • Set of 4 ratchet style side tape tensioner
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Bison Transport Folding Padded Volleyball Officials Platform with Padding VB76

  • Perfect balance of stability and storability
  • Meets all NCAA, National Highs School Federation, USVBA and FIVB rules
  • Easy pull pin folding design
  • Powder coated heavy duty steel construction
  • Floor friendly wheels and floor pads
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All Indoor Volleyball Systems

$12512.80 DGS Price

Bison Arena Jr Freestanding Portable Volleyball System

$3729.60 DGS Price

Bison Portable Volleyball System designed for Budget H conscious High Schools and Recreation Centers

$5254.20 DGS Price

Portable Volleyball System for College or High Schools when Floor Socket Installation is impossible or impractical.

$4430.00 DGS Price

Bison Match Point Portable Volleyball System

$6150.00 DGS Price

Perfect where floor sockets are impractical or impossible.

$353.85 DGS Price

Aluminum extrusion that eliminates rust and sloppy fit found with other welded steel floor sockets, Easy install, Size: 3”, 3-1/2”, 4”, Weight: 9lbs

$739.20 DGS Price

Protects players from contact injury, Meets NCAA, USVBA and National High School Federation rules, Fits all Bison post style standards

$1059.45 DGS Price

Meets all NCAA, NHSF, USVBA and FIVB rules.

$3008.25 DGS Price

Posts with Padding, and Net Tensioning Winch, VB1250K Competition Net, Antennaes with Boundary Tapes, FREE Post Pad Lettering

$7084.35 DGS Price

The only carbon fiber volleyball system with crank style internal net height adjustment feature.

$1059.45 DGS Price

Bison Padded Volleyball Official's Platform.

$4069.29 DGS Price

Bison Centerline Elite Aluminum Volleyball System w/o Floor Sockets

$4495.00 DGS Price

Bison Centerline Carbon Hybrid Composite  Volleyball System.

$13722.45 DGS Price

Bison Arena II Free Standing Volleyball System

$379.95 DGS Price

Heavy white side, top and bottom tapes, 4″ square knotless mesh, Kevlar top rope, polypropylene bottom rope and set of 4 ratchet style side tape tensioner