DGS Sports offers the perfect turf options from Sporturf™ which is the leading synthetic turf surface company in the world. Safety and performance standards are a continued focus in the Sporturf™ product development. If you are looking for synthetic turf for any outdoor surface, we have the perfect turf option for you.  We have partnered with Sporturf™ because of their proven experience, longevity and passion in the turf business.


Artificial Turf

Choose from our various options synthetic turf for any outdoor surface.


  • 9/16″ Polypropylene Pile Height
  • 5mm Foam Backing
  • 36 oz. Pile Weight
  • Available in both 12’ and 15’ widths


One of the most popular and versatile turf surfaces. No infill needed, making it an ideal turf choice for indoor and portable turf applications. This turf product can be installed indoors or outdoors on concrete or a compacted aggregate base.

  • 1/2″ Polypropyene Pile Height
  • 3mm Padded Foam Backing
  • 15′ Roll Width
  • 36oz Pile Weight
  • Indoor/OutdoorUse-Baseball Batting Cages, Multipurpose

Sporturf Fast Grass–AT740

  • 3/4″ Pile Height
  • 52% Polypropylene and 40% Nylon
  • 5mm Padded Backin
  • 12′ Roll Width
  • 40 oz Pile Weight
  • Outdoor & Indoor–Baseball, Multipurpose, Batting Cages
  • Multipurpose, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer

Sporturf 36–PL705

  • 9/16″ Polypropylene Pile Height
  • 5mm Padded Foam Backing
  • 12′ and 15′ Roll Widths
  • 36 oz. Pile Weight
  • Outdoor & Indoor–Baseball, Multi-Purpose, Gymnasiums

Sporturf 22–PL711

  • 9/16″ Polypropylene Pile Height
  • 3mm Padded Foam Backing
  • 12′ Roll Width
  • 36 oz Pile Weight
  • Outdoor & Indoor–Baseball, Multi-Purpose, Batting Cages

Baseball Mats

Choose from our baseball mat options below to fulfill your facility needs.

Home Plate Stance Mats

Stance mats have become one of the most widely used practice aids for baseball teams.They are perfect for outdoor batting practice and for use in batting cages.

  • Tufted in white lines
  • A home plate
  • Available in 6’ X 12’
  • Green or clay
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On Deck/Fung Circles

We offer regular and custom on deck circles.  Custom on deck circles allow you to show off your team colors or logo while reducing your field maintenance at the same time. With synthetic turf, your field will always look professional, and your hitters will consistently warm up in the right areas.

Available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ circles

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Catcher’s Mat

  • Available with permanent home plate
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Artificial Turf On-Deck Circle

  • 5mm foam backing
  • 6′ diameter
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Artificial Turf Batter’s/Pitcher Mat

  • 5mm foam backing
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Custom Halo Quote

Let DGS Sports help customize your baseball field with a “Custom Halo”.  Our art department will be happy to work with your school/organization to design the perfect halo for your baseball field today. 

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All Outdoor Turf Solutions


5mm foam backing


5mm foam backing, 6' diameter


Catcher’s Mat


Available with or without permanent home plate


Portable, Non-slip 5mm foam backing, Available with permanent or throw-down home plates


Home Plate Mat


5mm foam backing, Line tufted in, not painted, Permanent home plate—no more paint, Spike-proof


Baseball On Deck/Fungo Mat with 5mm Foam Cushion--Set of 2