2’6″ x 6’0″ Standard Basketball Scoreboard w/ Wireless Control, 8206



All of our scoreboards include built-in protective shatterproof face / digit panel(s) – no additional protective screens, netting, or costs required! All indoor scoreboards and smaller outdoor boards offer full face coverage. Larger outdoor scoreboards require digit coverage only. Our portable control consoles come equipped with a rechargeable 10hr battery. Perfect for those locations without an AC power source or for peace of mind if your location ever has a power failure. No need to lug around a cumbersome battery pack – our battery fits inside the scoreboard casing and can charge while in operation!

  • SportBasketball / Wrestling / Volleyball / Segment Timer
  • Overall Dimension2’6″ High x 6′ Wide x 5″ Deep
  • DigitsBright Red and Amber, 7-Segment LEDs
  • Game Time10″ High Red Digits, Shall register 0:00 – 99:59, 1/10 second capable
  • Score8″ High Amber Digits, Shall register 0-99
  • Period8″ High Amber Digits, Shall register 1-4
  • PossessionIndicated by 2″ Red LED Indicators
  • Bonus / Double PointsIndicated by 2″ Amber LED Indicators
  • HornIncludes external 100dB horn. 120 dB trumpet horn available
WEIGHT156 lbs
DIMENSIONS72 × 30 × 5 in
COLORBlack, Blue, Columbia Blue, Dark Green, Green, Maroon, Navy, Purple, Red